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lotusrepbulik.com is a professional investment corporation engaged in Crypto-Currency Trading, Mining, Forex Trade, and Mineral Mining, lotusrepbulik.com is based and Licensed in Denmark with registration no : SL13326

In the course of gained knowledge and expertise in the field of innovative trading, our Mission to clear a path for small and mid-sized investors became apparent - in order for them to capitalize on the rapidly growing Cryptocurrency market which is eyed as one of the promising economy options to cater such individuals. A wellspring of trustworthy information, our breadth of experience has fueled our reputation as a financial trading firm.

As a lifetime business partner, lotusrepbulik.com is committed in helping investors maximize profits by giving the upper-hand on increasing capital value with early detection of profitable trends.

5% Referral Commission

We offer a very attractive affiliate program, which our members can use to earn more Profit by referring people to our system. Earn a modest 5% of every single deposit of your downline on direct referral deposits as commissions. Our investment plans are best to generate maximum profits with minimum investment. All investment plans are structured with simplicity in mind so that even the newest of investors can interpret and leverage either plan to cultivate respectable profits.

It takes a friend to earn even more!. Earn up to 5% commission any time your friends invest


lotusrepbulik.com is a leading trading and mining platform, which offers both investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, as well as trading CFD with different underlying assets. With a trusted fixed income securities with stable returns. You never have to worry about inflation or devaluation impacting your capital

lotusrepbulik.com launches its cutting-edge, intuitive trading platform, enabling anyone, anywhere to Trade financial assets online including professional tools for both beginner and advanced traders .expanded its cryptocurrency offering, enabling clients to trade and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and Perfectmoney.



Pick from our reviewed investmnet plans thats suits your portfolio.

  • PLAN A
  • 15% After 24 hrs
  • Min: $40
  • Max: $10,000
  • Principle: Included
  • Instant: Payment
  • N/B: Maximum deposits for this plan is just 2 times or upgrade with $1,000 and above to stay on plan.

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  • PLAN B
  • 30% After 72 hrs
  • Min: $5,005
  • Max: $15,000
  • Principle: Included
  • Instant: Payment
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  • PLAN C
  • 50% After 7 days
  • Min: $15,009
  • Max: $50,000
  • Principle: Included
  • Instant: Payment
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  • PLAN D
  • 75% After 14 days
  • Min: $50,099
  • Max: $1,000,000,000
  • Principle: Included
  • Instant: Payment
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